How to use Zoom in Windows 10 S mode?

Installing Zoom is a problem if you have Windows 10 S mode installed. Zoom in Windows 10 S mode is not allowed as it blocks the installation of non-store apps. When you try to install ZoomInstaller.exe, you will get the error “For security and performance, this mode of Windows only runs verified apps from the Store. C:\Users\there\Downloads\zoominstaller.exe

zoominstaller.exe blocked windows s unverified app for security and performance

This security message prevents you from installing and joining Zoom meetings. This article shows you the solution to fix this.

There is no official Zoom client for meetings available in the Microsoft Store. As for now (december 2020), all so-called Zoom apps are either how-to guides or scams. Don’t fall for buying a fake app!

Use Chromium Edge to connect to a meeting in Zoom in Windows 10 S

One way to participate in a Zoom meeting in Windows 10 S mode is via the web version. For this, you need to have the latest version of Microsoft Edge installed. Follow the steps below to join the Zoom meeting with Edge:

  1. First of all, you need to have installed the new version of Microsoft Edge. Go to and click Download for Windows 10
    download the new microsoft edge
  2. Install the new Edge browser.
    welcome to the new edge get started
  3. Open the new Microsoft Edge browser and go go to the URL of the Zoom meeting.
    For example:
    (the number is the Meeting ID, behind pwd= is the password
    First, you will only see “If nothing prompts from browser, download & run Zoom”. Wait a few seconds.
  4. The text refreshes. Click on click here (to launch the meeting)
    zoom click here to launch the meeting
  5. It seems like nothing happens, but in a few seconds you will see the text below: If you cannot download or run the application, join from your browser.
    Click join from your browser
    zoom join from your browser
  6. You can now log in and join the meeting

Since 2020, Zoom has become extremely popular as a video conferencing tool. Similar to Microsoft Teams, it enables presenters to start or schedule a meeting and allows end-users to join a zoom room, make video calls, and enable screen sharing. Although not required, it is advisable to install the Zoom client as it delivers better performance. When trying to run Zoom in Windows 10 S mode, however, you’re forced to use the web version.

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in edge chromium
7. install this site as an app


Can you elaborate?


I want to know too.

Last edited 3 years ago by MiMi

I know that but its too laggy if you go onto another window.


Hi i have Windows 2000! Can you help me install the zoom app in Windows 2000?

B A W30s

It doesn’t even work on XP since last summer: I wonder what browser you’re using on Windows 2000?


not optimal, but I did get in to the trial zoom meeting with a colleague
Looks like windows in S mode is too much hassle
Thank you

Ashley Roselynn

i got kicked out of several job interviews in zoom same situation i am reading in most chats so i get sent a gmail request for meeting i log in and it just is a nightmare im not super techy im new to computers and technology i just got a computer like a year ago just three months ago joined the Microsoft family decided i cant take my computer getting hacked one more time using chrome so now im in the conversion stages as well as just learning in general so this chat is extremely helpful and i have made… Read more »


Thank you for the instructions.
I joined a Zoom meeting via the browser link sent from the meeting host using Windows 10S and Microsoft Edge.
Just one thing different happened – once the link opened the text did not refresh, so I just clicked in an empty spot on the page and it then went to ” join from your browser” – success.

Michelle Keller

Does anyone know if Mr. Bill Gates has ANY INTENTION of adding Zoom into the MS Store??? Is a permanent fix being looked into? And if not, how can I get the word to him for the recommendation? Since the onset of Covid-19, TONS of people are needing Zoom for business, job interviews, etc. and it is costing consumers opportunities! I bought this S-Mode computer just 2 months before Covid started – not thinking I’d ever have a problem with the S-Mode and the added security was a selling feature for me. However now I regret the purchase due to… Read more »


Bill Gates can’t add the zoom app, only Zoom themselves can. They’re the one who create the app.


This doesn’t work. Zoom launches then gives error code 3000 and won’t join the meeting. pushes me out and that’s that. This is so frustrating.

Brian L

Audio and visual setting options are VERY limited if you join Zoom from the browser! You can’t change audio settings, screen size except fit to screen and original size, you can’t chat to individuals, just to everyone… Again…VERY LIMITED!!!


I know


I thought i nailed it with this computer. What a disaster! My daughter has to log on tomorrow for classes using zoom and I am up 2am trying to find out how I can keep the security tight and education right. This s-mode is nuts with zoom. I tried logging in (meet and greet night for school) like John said, but it did not work. I used my Android instead. This drove me crazy swiping the screen back and forth. Not sure if I’m going to deactivate it yet, but a big possibility. Zoom should be available in the Microsoft… Read more »

zoom for s mode

so true


i was able to get into zoom if someone else sends you an invite. it’s frustrating


True i agree totally. It’s so laggy on the web version.

"Tech"nically Challenged

I bought a new computer to not have a google chromebook…
Only to find out I bought a chromebook 🙁

thanks S mode.

Denise Ward

Very frustrating that Zoom is not supported with Microsoft Edge! I will not buy a laptop that will not support different browsers again. I can get into a zoom meeting, but I can not see the different participants in gallery view. It sucks! I thought I was getting a laptop that was useful for my needs. Instead, the few simple things that I need to do or want to do, I can’t.


Same, this sucks. Going to try to return it tomorrow.


You can switch out of S mode very easily. And for free. Just Google ‘how to switch out of s mode on Windows 10’. It’s in the settings on all the laptops.


But some people want to stay in a secure mode( which is S mode)

Michelle Boyer-Kelly

I absolutely agree. So upset that I wasted money on a computer that won’t let me run Zoom. I should be able to download something if I want to — how ridiculous that this computer is telling me I cannot. Ugh!!! Should have gotten the Chrome book that I originally wanted. Screw you Microsoft.


Just FYI, developers like Zoom have to submit their apps to the Microsoft Windows 10 app store, Microsoft doesn’t make the apps themselves. If Zoom made one and submitted it, it’d almost certainly get approved, as it’d be a lot less sketchy than some of the stuff already in there, so its likely they just haven’t submitted one. Not sure why, though I doubt it is because they don’t want to pay the application fee, which is only $99 for a whole company. Might be some legal or political thing based on where they company is headquartered.


I’d say MS can’t hack the competition to their (inferior) MS Teams video product.


this join from the browser worked


I can join from the browser, but cannot use the mic. I can hear and see the other parties, but cannot talk.


I can connect through the browser, see and hear other participants, but my mic won’t work


i need help. i can use zoom via web version and my mic is working. however, my camera won’t work. i have windows s mode and will it block my camera?


on the top left in the browser, there is a little icon of a LOCK. Press that LOCK while you’re in a zoom meeting. You’ll find a list with allowed access or something. Find the camera and allow that on the zoom website. Hope it helps.

Sean M

Help please. I use the web client on MS Edge and the host in my meetings are upside down but I am not. No one else in the meeting has this issue.


If you go onto any other window, then whoever is speaking will crack up.


Is it possible to change the background when using zoom through the web. It isn’t working for me.


It didn’t work. This is the message that I received. “The meeting requires registration to join and it is not supported to join from the browser. Please try to launch meeting if you have Zoom client installed. Otherwise, download Zoom.”

lance spencer

Interesting to read the other comments but I’ve been trying for weeks to get the audio to come through without encryption but no luck.
I have the latest versions of Windows 10s, Edge and User-Agent switcher but all I hear is gobbledy-gook!
You cannot run the audio test options in 10s either!

Has anyone any bright ideas?

Kemmy Oshun

Please I cannot find the record button on zoom to record meetings. When Ii tried to reinstall zoom meeting client, Microsoft says I cannot unless I switched out of windows 10 S and I don’t want to for security reasons. Please can you help me out.


Thank you so much!


Hello, I tried this but the audio quality is really bad. Any suggestions?


No audio, my daughter thinks my brand new computer and Verizon WiFi hotspot are a joke. At least she isn’t being indoctrinated 😉


so frustating! it can connect to zoom, but the video and voice of the other party are breaking! i think i will switch out from S mode!

Muriel Montoya

HI! Would you let me know if you have switched? I also could use the zoom app so I’m also debating on switching out of S mode. If you have I hope it’s better!!

Muriel Montoya

Sorry I just read that over I meant if you have switched would you give an update as to if the Zoom is working better? Sorry!

Muhammad Abdullah

I guess the problem is with every other application too. Like I am trying to install eclipse and I can’t. Its so annoying, good feature for an OS like Windows, but what’s the use if you can’t install from reliable sources. I guess I also have to switch out of “S Mode” as Microsoft Store dose not contain every application.


I have already downloaded the zoom installer apps and tried to install it in Win 10 S mode but to no avail.
I am using the latest Edge and have also downloaded the Apps Switcher. Still I cannot install the zoom installer. Please help.

Sandra O'Neill

I have been joining my zoom class on this computer for one year. I am using Windows10 S and up until last week I had no problem. Now the screen freezes as soon as I join the class. I phoned my internet provider to check the speed of my internet and was told everything was fine. Any advice would be gratefully appreciated. I have also turned off any device that uses internet and no one else is using my internet.

Alan Schliemann

Thank you. Our New South Wales state Education Department in Australia uses zoom and we have had zoom sessions on our 9 year old grandson’s Windows 10s laptop but there are issues with seeing attendees.


I used chrome edge connect to zoom client but I had to go through the website. Going through the website only offers a terrible connection when you enter the zoom meeting. It’s very staticky, choppy and frustrating. There is a notice saying that if you disable the s mode then you are exposed to internet viruses, scams and all kinds of danger! This is really too much control and totally unnecessary!


I am also very disappointed with the new hp computer I bought windows 10 s mode is really making it less efficient less effective as a communication work tool . Never again will I buy a Microsoft / windows product such a waste of money ! I continue to use my I pad for zoom meetings but it’s not ideal however I ca still attend them.

B A W30s

I too was very surprised that the Zoom installer is not an approved app for Windows in S mode in the Microsoft Store, but there seem to be a number of alternatives: While on the Zoom site in MS Edge, install the Zoom site as an app: click on the three dots at top right for settings and go to “Apps”, where this is an option. If you are happy to view meetings in your browser, but are not always offered the option, try the “ Always Show Join From Web” extension in the Chrome store, which adds easily to… Read more »

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