The best workaround for “You must close all dialog boxes before you can close Exchange management console”

If you have installed Internet Explorer 9, and you use Exchange 2010 SP1, you may face the problem that you cannot close the Exchange Management Console (MMC). The error you get is as follows:


“You must close all dialog boxes before you can close Exchange management console”

This error only occurs in the specific combination of IE9 and the Exchange 2010 SP1 management console. Many blogs advise to uninstall IE9. I, as an Microsoft fanatic, don’t like that solution. Especially because I really like IE9. Therefor, my advice is to make a batch file that kills the Exchange MMC process.

So, open Notepad, paste the line below to it, and save the file as KillExMMC.bat

powershell.exe “Get-Process | where {$_.mainwindowtitle -match ‘exchange management console’} | stop-process”

The nice thing about this command is, that it only kills your Exchange MMC process. Don’t worry about Active Directory MMC’s or DHCP, as they won’t be killed.

If you use UAC, create a shortcut to the BAT-file. Then, open the properties of the BAT, go to the tab Shortcut, click Advanced, and choose ‘Run as administrator’. This prevents you from getting the error: “

Stop-Process : Cannot stop process “mmc (6484)” because of the following error:  Access denied

I hope this posts helps you out, preventing you from uninstalling IE9.

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Another option

Just log off the machine. In my tests this works fine.


Sorry, did not work at all

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