Start Word 2016 with blank document

One of the annoying default settings in Word 2016 (but also in previous versions) is the intro screen when starting. It takes an additional click to start a blank page.

Word 2016 open new blank document

To set Word to start with a blank document, you can use either the registry or the option screen.


In case you want multiple users to serve this setting, create a Group Policy Preference with the following Registry key


Of course, you could use a Group Policy Setting, but this would force users to bypass the Start screen. Maybe against their preference. By creating a GPP with run setting “Create” and “Apply Once and do not reapply”, the user is still in control to specify its own preference.

Options screen

To set the setting by using the Options screen, go to File -> Option (left bottom) and navigate to Show the Start Screen when this application starts
Untick it and click OK

Word 2016 show the start screen when this application starts

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