Something went wrong in Office365 – Microsoft.Exchange.Clients.Security.AccountTerminationException

Having seen this Something went wrong issue so many times, I just decided to write it down for further discussion.

Sometimes after I’ve created a Global Administrator in Azure, I’m not able to logon to Exchange Online with it. The account has the Global Administrator role.

office 365 something went wrong Microsoft.Exchange.Clients.Security.AccountTerminationException

Something went wrong. We can’t get that information right now. Please try again later. X-Auth-Error OpenIdConnect Microsoft.Exchange.Clients.Security.AccountTerminationException

The only workaround for this issue I’m aware of is

  • create a new account and assign the Global Administrator role.
  • trash the old GA account

Workarounds that didn’t work

  • Wait (4 hours)
  • Un-assign the Global Administrator role, and re-assign the role
  • Assign the Exchange Administrator role in addition to the GA role.

Creating a new account is easiest for me, so I’m not into spending hours investigating this issue. Do you know the solution? Let me know in the comments!

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Paul Donovan

Please provide links on “create a new account” when encountering this error.

Tatyana Eichmann



I am love this tips.. in this site

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