Resource x referenced in attribute displayName could not be found in RSOP

While troubleshooting some group policy issues, I encountered the following error during RSOP.msc (Resultant Set of Policies):

Resource ‘$(string.SUPPORTED_Vista_through_Win7)’ referenced in attribute displayName could not be found. File \*\sysvol\*\Policies\PreviousVersions.admx, line 11, column 111.

In Dutch:
Kan bron ‘$(string.SUPPORTED_Vista_through_Win7)’ waarnaar wordt verwezen in kenmerk displayName niet vinden. Bestand \*\sysvol\*\Policies\PreviousVersions.admx, regel 11, kolom 111

Error parsing

Investigation led me to an incomplete ADML file. This appears to be a result of a buggy KB3077013 The error only occurs in the non-English ADML files. The EN-US version seems to working fine.

To fix the issue, edit the ADML file and add the following text line to line 57:

 <string id=”SUPPORTED_Vista_through_Win7″>Van Windows Vista tot Windows 7 ondersteund</string>

 Windows Vista durch Windows 7 unterstützt

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