Remove Get Genuine Office warning in 6 simple clicks

Some Office 2019 users experience a new yellow-colored warning stating “Get Genuine Office you may be a victim of software counterfeiting. Avoid security risks and get genuine office now

Get Genuine Office you may be a victim of software counterfeiting. Avoid security risks and get genuine office now

The message may also appear in Office 2016 and Office 365. Even if you have paid for the Office license, and you believe your license is Genuine, you may see this text bar appear. Apparently, in Microsoft’s opinion, your license is not 100% valid. Reasons are:

  • you have installed and validated Office on more than 1 computer with the same license. Office licenses may only be used on 1 pc
  • you have bought the license from a questionable reseller. Some websites sell Office licenses for approx. 10 dollar. That is almost certainly not a normal price for an official license.
  • your license key may have been leaked and is being used by others. In this case, please contact Microsoft.

How to remove Get Genuine Office warning

get genuine office you may be a victim of software counterfeiting

Genuine or not, luckily it’s easy to get rid of the warning. Follow these steps to turn off the Get Genuine Office notification:

Total Time: 5 minutes

  1. Open any Microsoft 365 application (e.g. Word, Excel, or Outlook)

    office word 2019

    In this example, I’ve opened Microsoft Word

  2. Click File

    word 2019 click file

    At the left top corner, click the File tab

  3. Click Account

    word 2019 click account

    In the left bar, click Account

  4. Click Manage Settings

    word 2019 click manage settings

    In the main screen at Account Privacy, click Manage Settings

  5. Scroll down and disable Connected Experiences

    office 2019 disable connected experiences

    In the Privacy Settings window, scroll down and deselect the checkbox “Enable connected experiences”

  6. Click OK

    office 2019 click ok

    Click OK to save the changes


  • Valid license or product key


  • Microsoft Office 365 / 2016 / 2019

That’s it. The yellow Get Genuine Office bar on top of your document will not display anymore.

Drawbacks of disabling Connected Experiences in Office

Connected Experiences enables collaboration and editing of a document that is stored in the cloud, e.g. Onedrive or Sharepoint. It also enhances Word to be able to translate the contents of a document into another language.

By disabling Connected Experiences you also turn off these features that may disrupt your way of work. A specific example is the use of Onenote notebooks in onedrive. This is no longer possible while having the Connected Experiences turned off. However, you can always temporarily turn the feature on to make use of the enhancements. Once you’re finished you can turn Connected Experiences off again.

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A Smith

Worked last time but today (24/05/21) message has come back and this now no longer solves the problem unfortunately.


Open cmd as administrator 

cd “\Program Files\Common Files\microsoft shared\ClickToRun”

OfficeC2rclient.exe /update user updatetoversion=16.0.13801.20266

open Office = go to accounts = office updates = disable updates

LR Nunez

First time I try this (24/05/21). Did not work (same as result as A. Smith).

Carl Jr.

This solution worked before but 26.05.2021 the yellow banner come back….


Would second this, getting this issue on a fully updated install of office. MSGuides suggested a registry key removal but the registry key doesn’t exist. Frustrating because it’s activated using my KMS Server as part of my Open License Agreement, so there’s no reason for it.


I tried removing and reassigning the license and that didn’t seem to change anything, and a reinstall solved it for about 6 hours, then it was right back

Last edited 3 years ago by ProfileSlayer

Me too… I am computer illiterate. I have MS Office activated with ActO19 (KMS) sold to me as 100% genuine KMS key on AliExpress. Worked last time but today (26/05/21) the message has come back (large and status bar), and this now no longer solves the problem.


This fix no longer works (MS Office 2019 Plus). It may initially work but the message will come back within hours.


No longer works 🙁 …it’s that time again.

Josh Axlerad

No longer working, still the message is being displayed


Please pay attention to this feedback because this solution no longer works


not working , it was time killer


need KMS solution this problem,pls help


KMS activates the product but message still pops up. We need another solution.


Uninstall microsoft office and then reinstall problem fixed 100%.

Bert West

This used to work, but no longer does. Yes, I saw the registry hacks posted by others, but those registry entries are not in my registry.

  • Disable Office update
  • Open cmd (Administrator)
  • run:

cd C:\Program Files\Common Files\microsoft shared\ClickToRun
officec2rclient.exe /update user updatetoversion=16.0.13628.20274
– wait 4-5 min. to finish
That’s all !

Salik KC

thanks a lot! It works for now. So, now can enable back the office update?


This totally works!! But I think the genuine popup is included in the latest update for Office, so by updating to the current version again, it will probably bring the popup back.. Thanks for this!!

Salik KC

Hi @Gospodar66
catching up on my yesterday’s feedback with query. Well, I enable back the office update and the problem comes back! I guess it works only until we don’t enable the office update? But your expert advise is preferred.

Van O

you are my hero, this workssssss
the banner was soooo annoying
Thanks 3000


good job bro


thanks ths worked for me

Luong Thanh Hai

OK, it works now, thanks for your comment. Could I enable the update option again?

Charith Prabuddha

It worked brother tnx


Thanks bro you have sorted the problem, I have tried thousands of ways before no one worked

Last edited 2 years ago by Max

Thanks a ton … it works for me ..


Beautiful, worked like a charm – the Privacy Settings change did not work for me. Highly recommend to disable the office updates. In any app, go to File > Account > go to Update Options and select Disable Updates


Thanks Gospodar66
Exactly what I needed!


Thanks a Lot!!
any trick for the more frequently updated version ?




thanks!!!! WOrked for me


04 sep 2021 works, no yellow banner. 1st step – DISABLE OFFICE UPDATE. Is it so hard?


cheers, it worked. big up


it’s working. thank so much


OMG…thanks dude


I get the message access denied


one great solution is buying the software itself


aoa, i explain it further

  1. create a text file on desktop
  2. open it and paste to following command in it

cd C:\Program Files\Common Files\microsoft shared\ClickToRun
officec2rclient.exe /update user updatetoversion=16.0.13628.20274

  1. Save as file with ABC.bat
  2. you see a ABC file with DOS icon.
  3. simply run
  4. you saw a office update running, wait for 5 to 6 minutes.

Yey! Thank you! it removed the annoying warning..


You are awesome dude. It worked perfectly for me. Thank you.


Fixed it , Thank you very much


Wow… worked like a charm… Super super super… Thanks a lot!!!

Matthew Micaleff

Yey!!!! The annoying yellow band of crap has disappeared thank you awesome buddy…..


Work like charm!
Thank you very much!


Help, It just keeps coming back after opening word a few times.

Zeke Pliskin

Verified working on with MS Office 2019 (fully updated) on Windows 10 Pro running via Boot Camp. I’m keeping hold of that batch file… thank you.


Actually you can get a retail version for less than +/- $20 which will bind ms office key to your Ms account. If you know the sources.


thank you soooooooooo much……I have OCD with notifications


Thank you very much!
 It worked perfectly for me.


It works, the message is disappeared ( when coming back after some updates, i assume to redo this process .


Didn’t work for me.


It worked awesome, Office 2019, Win 10, 64 bit. on Jan 2023


This still works, just remember to go to “word, file, account, disable updates” after you do this.


thankss 2023 this still works!


Wow awesome thank you saqib.

Alaa Abdel Aziz Hashad

Did NOT work with me, the message returned back after PC restart!

Michelle DeView

Sadly this has not worked for me. Gonna try one more time. Thank you for helping the others.

Michelle DeView

It worked! Thank you 🙂


Awesome it work like a charm
bat file


it still works ! Feb 2022


Doesn’t work. the notification bar is not removed.


It’s not worked.

Shyam Kumar

Office 2021 it’s not working


July 21… this is not working for office 2021

Kent Gero

still works August 2022. Just run as admin.


that didn’t work for my office 2019. Any recommendations?

Jean-Pierre Isoré

Did nothing…banner still appears.


worked for me. Thank you

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