Open URL with Microsoft Edge (shortcut and GPO forced)

In certain circumstances you as an administrator need to force to open URL with Microsoft Edge or another specific browser. When that browser needs to be Internet Explorer or Chrome, it’s an easy job. Just call the executable and send the URL as argument. But in case you need to open the URL with Microsoft Edge this works different. Here’s how it works for both a shortcut or a group policy object (GPO).

How to force a URL to open in Microsoft Edge

To specify Microsoft Edge as the browser to use for a specific URL shortcut, you first need to call explorer.exe. Then specify Microsoft-edge as modern app and then argument the URL. Like this:

C:\Windows\explorer.exe microsoft-edge:””

shortcut open URL in Edge

How to force a group policy shortcut URL to open in Microsoft Edge

In a group policy shortcut here’s how to Edge as the browser for that specific URL:

shortcut url edge forced group policy gpo

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Jose L Rodriguez

How about using IE ?


This doesn’t open that URL in Edge, it searches for that URL in BING, in Edge. How do I have it open the URL?


nevermind, just drop the quotations.

Ramon Campos

The target patch is different in my computer. An easy way to discover it is looking for edge in Task Administration- process in background – properties. Them copy route including /msedge.exe

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