No result data. (0x80070002) in MBSA 2.3

While running an MBSA scan (Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer on a remote computer, I received error "No result data. (0x80070002)". This post offers the solution to this error.

While running an MBSA scan (Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer on a remote computer, I received error “No result data. (0x80070002)“.
The solution was quite simple, though not very expedient during business hours on a production server: There was a hidden pending reboot on the server causing the scan to fail.
After a reboot of the server, the scan completed successfully.

(wtf, why did nobody mention this at the internet?! Am I really the first person to notice?!)

MBSA error 0x80070002

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Got the exact same issue on a number of Servers at work as well. Very hard to locate any information on this, just stumbled across your post. A reboot has fixed up one of the servers.

In the past MBSA 2.3 used to report in the output that a Pending Reboot / Patch needed to complete before an audit could be performed. Maybe Microsoft has broke something in its detection mechanism for this state recently?


Hi Peter,
thank you for your comment. I haven’t used MBSA 2.3 before, so I did not know about the “Pending reboot” notification. However, since I couldn’t find anything on Google about this issue, your explanation sounds logical.


I have been in touch with Microsoft Support, as after rebooting some of the servers still had the issue. One of the possible reasons they said was Silverlight is missing. Turns out that if you install the Security Update for Microsoft Silverlight (KB3126036) – that it fixes the error for Microsoft Baseline Analyser (MBSA).

Don’t know why the Silverlight plugin is a requirement, it seems to have become a requirement after the July 2016 updates from Microsoft were required. So if you still have error 0x80070002 with Microsoft Baseline analyser, even after a reboot, try installing the Silverlight update.


Microsoft just pointed out that there is a slightly newer update released on 21st of June 2016, – Update for Microsoft Silverlight (KB3162593)


I tried to reboot the server and re-run MBSA but still the same issue.

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