1 minute easy fix myobp.exe “This app has been blocked for your protection”

My friend has his own company. He has been using MYOB Premier 19 for his accounting for years. Recently he saw “This app has been blocked for your protection” when he tried to start myobp.exe. He called me for help.
He was an administrator on his PC, he had already disabled UAC, but the error kept coming back. It took me some time and sweat, but I managed to fix it. In the end, it wasn’t all that difficult 🙂

myob.exe this app has been blocked for your protection myobp

The fastest way to fix myobp.exe “This app has been blocked for your protection”

You can solve the problem of MYOB.exe by setting EnableLUA to 0 in the registry. Follow these steps:

  1. Open the registry -> Click Start windows logo start, type registry and choose Registry Editor (App)
  2. Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System
    registry enablelua
  3. Scroll down to EnableLUA. Note that the Data is 0x00000001 (1)
    Double click EnableLUA
  4. In the Value Data field, type 0, and click OK
    set enablelua to 0
  5. Try to start MYOB (and leave a message if it works :))


Be aware that disabling UAC also carries risks. Get a good antivirus. And seriously consider re-enabling LUA when you’re done with MYOP. The steps for this are identical to turning off. Instead of 0, enter value 1.

Unfortunately at this moment there isn better solution. This is the official support page for the User Account Control problem: https://help.myob.com/wiki/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=24578419

Sometimes, it also helps to just drag the UAC slider down to Never Notify. I wrote these steps to Never Notify UAC in a previous post.

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I had this exact error and this worked !!!! Thank you very, very much !!!


Perfectly working after changing the LUA to 0, thank you


Changing UAC has its risks. I recommend not to do this, but to use this easy solution instead:
1) in Windows search field look for Windows Powershell.
2) open it AS AN ADMINISTRATOR! (normal opening won’t work)
3) At the DOS prompt ad the path and MYOB.exe (find location where you MYOB is installed) , e.g. C:\Plus19\MYOB.exe

Works every time. MYOB hate this easy solution; they want you to buy a new subscription!!!)



I have see another problem solving through registry editors, but I’m scared it has a lot if risks. Then i see your comment, god bless you.


I just renamed Myob.exe to something else and it then works (e.g. Myob0.exe).


Yes, it worked. Thanks

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