Microsoft Edge feed in Arabic – Change to English

After the last Windows Update, my Microsoft Edge feed was suddenly in Arabic (or some similar-looking foreign language).

The easiest way for me to revert the language to United States (English), was as follows:

  1. From the Microsoft Edge start page, click the gear icon edge settings icon in the upper right top.Microsoft Edge in arabic language after last update
  2. Click on the dropdown box, select United States (English) from the list.
  3. Click the blue button at the bottom.
    This image shows you how to change the language after you’ve clicked the little Gear icon.
    Microsoft Edge change language to English

Other people also report the Polish, Czech, Russian and Ukrainian language in Edge. But for the solution, this doesn’t matter.

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my edge opens in arabic with arabic options only from the gear icon. The format of the dropdown is not the same as your illustration with only 4 arabic choices in the dropdown.

Matook M

very bad approach you are making things more complicated and confusing

Anthony B

Pain in the butt trying to change Edge keyboard actions and language to English (from Arabic) when everything else on the laptop is already English


juat to help everyone because this didnt help me download google translate you can take a picture and it translates for you 😉

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