3 most likely fixes for Just A Moment at PIN setup in Windows 10

Are you stuck at setting up a PIN in Windows 10 installation with a blue screen saying “Just A Moment”? This blog post gives you the 3 most likely solutions to fix this issue.


During the Windows 10 installation, Cortana asks you to set a PIN. The setup hangs on a blue screen with the message “Just a moment”. Cortana asks if you want to set a PIN, but you don’t have an option to skip this step.

windows 10 stuck at pin just a moment


Display the PIN screen with ALT+TAB (Solution 1)

  1. Press ALT + TAB on your keyboard (Hold the ALT key while pressing TAB once).
  2. You will see a screen where you can enter your PIN. Release ALT and TAB.
  3. Enter a 6 digit code. For example 102938. Note that this must be a ‘difficult’ code; 123456 will not work.
  4. Press ENTER once you have entered the 6 digits.
  5. Enter the same unique PIN again for verification. For example 102938
  6. Press ENTER again.
  7. The setup should now continue.

Close the PIN window (Solution 2)

If solution 1 didn’t work, try this:

  1. Press ALT + TAB on your keyboard (Hold the ALT key while pressing TAB once).
  2. Click the X cross in the top right corner
  3. The PIN screen closes and you are returned to the main screen. From here try to skip the PIN step via “Skip this step”.
  4. You may also be able to return to the previous setup screen and then forward again.

Disconnect your WIFI (Solution 3)

This solution may sound strange, but has already worked for many people:

  • Do not enter any WIFI settings
  • Or disconnect your WIFI/network connection.

If you have already entered your WIFI settings in the Setup, this is the method to complete the setup without WIFI:

  1. Disconnect your WiFi connection. On some PCs and laptops, this is a physical button on the side or top. If you can’t find it: turn off your internet router or modem.
  2. Restart your laptop or PC. You switch off your laptop by pressing the power button for 10-15 seconds.
  3. Then turn your laptop back on and run the setup again.
  4. After setup, you can switch on your modem or router again.

Usually, I do not experience any issues during Windows 10 setup. Except this Windows is unable to install to the selected location error :). But I felt this PIN issue to be blogpost-worthy.
Here’s why you should set up a PIN in Windows 10 (during setup, or at least afterward): https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/security/identity-protection/hello-for-business/hello-why-pin-is-better-than-password

Do you still experience Just a Moment – PIN setup issues, even after these possible fixes? Let me know in the comments below!

And last but not least: if you’re an administrator, this blog might me interesting to you: https://itexperience.net/windows-hello-for-business-whfb-usage/

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Muhammad Khairul Anuar Bin Sheikh Mohamed

disconnecting the internet worked for me, it returns an errror message and allows you to skip. Thanks

FRED Busch

Very concise instructions. I was really excited until trying to do so. Alt-Tab goes to PIN entry A-OK, but it goes right back to blue justamoment as soon as Alt is released; while Alt is held, no input accepted.

I will try no WiFi, but there inaccessible controls, and WiFi comes from somewhere in the building. Password is needed to connect, but now I am connected until timeout, 2 hrs I think.


I also was unable to disconnect from WiFi, but I chose the loft line experience” instead of putting in my Microsoft account info, and the setup continued flawlessly.

FRED Busch

FRED again. I powered off/on, and skipped the network option. Altogether different dialog followed, and everything was great ever after. Thanks. I am happy


Thank you. Alt + tab made my day!!!!!!


Thank you so much. Finally worked. Only 3rd option switching off WIFI.

Ondřej Javorský

Unfortunately none of your solution worked. I tried ALT+TAB, but If i type number, press enter and type again, nothing will happend. If I close the PIN form and choose to start it again I’m back where I was. And when I turn off internet connection I’m not able to get into the pin settings at all, because I have to enter the password for the microsoft account first and it won’t let me go without the internet.


Blogpost-worthy indeed. Switching off the wifi allows me to skip setting up a pin on the new laptop.


Thank you so much It has worked for me after waiting the whole night for this “just a moment”. I used Alt + tab button

Iqbal Singh

A bigger thank you. 3rd option worked, disabled home wifi…it gave error..however it gave skip option. Moved to next screen after waiting for hour.


Alt tab didn’t work for me, the window wasn’t popping up. what i did was: use alt tab to look at the pin window, then press tab until i saw it select the “confirm pin”, count how many tabs it was to select it again(it was 5), tab 4 times, type in my pin, tab again, re-type the pin, then press enter


When i reach this page ,lets me put numbers in top box ,but cant put in lower box ,tried the fixes ,no good stuck


I hit Alt+Tab and selected the enter pin screen. I did not see it but entered my pin then tab and the same number and enter. It worked for me

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