Interface not registered in Outlook 2003

When you have set Word 2003 as your default e-mail editor, you might get the error “Interface not registered” when trying to send an email. You are still able to send messages with the Outlook editor set.

To solve the problem which causes the “Interface not registered“-error, do the following

  1. Close all running Office applications, like Word 2003, Outlook 2003
  2. Click on Start, click on Run
  3. Enter the following line: Regsvr32.exe %Windir%\System32\Ole32.dll
  4. Press enter to apply

Sending mail with Word 2003 as default editor in Outlook 2003 should now work again

If the line “Regsvr32.exe %Windir%\System32\Ole32.dll” causes an error, try the following line: “Regsvr32.exe Ole32.dll

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Thank you I hope it works. MS help info. is not designed to to help nongeeks and those who still learning their way around. Now they are charging for email help requests. I have another mail problem so may be back.


Hello Y’all,
Am I smiling or what? Sent 2 test mails and so far no error messages so looks like you helped me fix both problems. Thank you so much.

Guill Munoz

Nov 9, 2008
Thank you sir, I had contacted our help desk and had done the Word reinstall, Outlook repair and reinstall. Next was Outlook complete installation. No need, Word works fine.

If only you had answer to why Windows Media Player 11 will not run, that would be very helpful. I have read all the postings, checked every registry key mentioned, fixed all the ownership errors, keys that cannot be accessed, etc. – nothing has worked thus far.

Let mek know if you can help, I can send logs.

Thanks again.

Steve Roselle

Tried it and it worked, thanks and good job.

William Lont

Thanks for a clear explantion and effective solution.
Keep on doing your thing and helping the not so sophisticated.


What makes the internet so great is all these people who give us laymen “no idea” dummies solutions in times of distress. THANK YOU SO MUCH. If you were in front of me I’d give you a hug. 🙂

Ehsanullah Asim

Thanks for effective solution,I applied it work.Thanks and good job.


This was a big help. Thanks for the info.
Keep this up!!!
God Bless.. 🙂


Regsvr32.exe %Windir%\System32\Ole32.dll

Thanks Its Working Properly

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