How to Bypass Admiral Adblock Detection conveniently

One of the biggest annoyances: AdBlock Detection Ads. Have you ever noticed the System Performance degradation when loading an ad-running website? As I’m typing this, I’m working on a Surface 4 which is one of the worst systems for browsing content rich websites like or (ok, I shouldn’t have said that 😉 ).

The Windows Club cpu usage

This picture shows the cpu usage when visiting The Windows Club. Catastrophic.

The easiest solution is to block all advertisements. This saves 80% of load time and performance. But in case of, they don’t allow Adblockers or Adblocking Software since they put that in their Terms of Use. :’) terms of use

In addition, they use GetAdmiral software to detect adblockers to then prevent visitors from viewing a website. In my opinion, that is the wrong way of getting people to view advertisements. Apparently certain visitors DO NOT want the current way of advertising. Why should website owners not change THAT instead of forcing people to view the ads?

How to block Admiral Anti-AdBlock mechanism?

To avoid Admiral anti-adblock, there seem to be two convenient solutions:

  1. Use Chrome browser with adblocker and Run the webpage in Incognito / InPrivate mode
  2. Use Chrome Browser with adblocker and javascript disabled

If you want to run Chrome with adblocker only, you’ll have to allow the adblocker to run in Chrome Incognito Mode

Allow Adblocker in Chrome Incognito Mode

In Chrome, you may need to allow the Adblocker extension to run in Incognito mode:

  1. Open Extensions. Just type chrome://extensions/ in the address bar and hit Enter.
  2. Look for the Adblocker extension and click the Details button
  3. Enable Allow in Incognito
    Allow Adblocker in Chrome Incognito Mode

Browsing in Igcognito mode, and blocking Ads, will cause GetAdmiral to appear only once. After you click “Maybe next time” (or something like that, same context), you do not get bothered again.

Disable javascript and enable Adblocker

If you want to run with adblocker and javascript disabled, install these 2 extensions:

Disabling javascript makes such a enormous difference when blocking ads. In the example below I’m visiting a website with Adblocker enabled and JavaScript enabled

Chrome Adblocker Javascript enabled

20 ads are blocked (!!!). The GetAdmiral anti-adblock pops up at the website, so I decided to disable JavaScript:

Chrome Adblocker Javascript disabled

Now, only 1 ad is blocked (!). And the GetAdmiral notification does not appear, so I’m able to visit the website without any blockades.

Summary to block GetAdmiral adblock blocker

TLDR, all things wrapped up:

To block GetAdmiral adblock blocker, disable JavaScript on the respective website. Then, in addition, let your Adblocker do the rest of the work.

Happy Christmas everybody! 🙂

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Blocking javascript in this day and age is not a solution.


Actually, it can be an option if you have a NoScript extension. At that point, it just becomes a matter of determining which scripts to enable or disable.


Or you can set up Pihole and forget about it…


A script manager extension is probably more practical for general users. Otherwise I agree with you.


This site uses admiral blocking javascript result all images in the site disappear


So when you disable javascript how do you retain search functions and all similar features? Genius

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