Howto: Add SkyDrive to Windows Explorer as a network drive

This post will guide you making a mapping to SkyDrive in your Windows Explorer. For example you can have a drive letter S:\, which will show you your SkyDrive documents when you open the drive.

The first thing we have to do, is track down the path to our SkyDrive location. You need Office 2010 for this procedure. If you do not have Office 2010, you can use SkyDrive Simple Viewer . However, because I don’t trust third-party tools, here are the steps to find the path with Word 2010:

  1. Open Word 2010
  2. Click File, click Save & Send, click Save to Web


  3. Click Sign In to log on to your SkyDrive account.
  4. After you have clicked Sign In, you can enter your credentials; your e-mail address and your password, a new window pops up. Here you can see your documents.
  5. Click in the Address Bar. You now see the complete path to your Skydrive.
  6. Copy the path and change it in the same way as the example below:^.Documents
  7. Open Windows Explorer. Right-click My Computer and choose Map Network Drive
  8. Choose a drive letter, paste the folder path that you created in step 6, and select “Reconnect at logon”.

Done! Some people report that they can only copy Office documents to their SkyDrive Network Drive. You therefor may face errors when you want to copy a ZIP-file for example. The error that occurs is as follows:

The file is too large for the destination file system

This is normal behavior (for now). If you want to copy a zipfile to your SkyDrive space, you should do this through the SkyDrive website, or the automatic sync that’s integrated in Live Mesh 2011

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If you have a problem with windows 7 connecting, try this:
https:\\(your numbers and letters go here)\abc123def456\^.(What ever folder you have here)

No problem for me what-so-ever.


Works PERFECT only took me minutes to setup

tony l

thanks very much for this walk through
it worked very smoothly

Phil B

Just set this up and it’s working like a dream.

Many thanks for the walk through


5th site I found.. first one that worked. Verified 7/25/12. Had to click the address bar in the save as folder to see the drive though in windows 7


Strange how you did not mention credentials in your article, or even any replies.
Windows explorer prompts you for a login password – when you enter your SkyDrive credentials, it keeps prompting you.
This doesn’t work in 2012 guys!
Also, signing in to word and saving the document took around 45 seconds to save a one sentence document.
This stuff is simply not industrial strength – don’t expect to replace your on-premise NAS servers with SkyDrive any time soon!


Also, after I finally mapped a drive, I tried to open my SkyDrive document in word and was prompted again for my windows live ID.

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