How to delete, add or switch profile in Edge

Microsoft’s new browser, Chromium Edge, uses Profiles. A profile allows you to easily synchronize browser history, passwords, and forms across multiple devices. A frequently asked question is how you can add a profile in Edge, switch from Profile, or how to delete existing Profiles.
This tutorial will show you step by step how to add, switch and delete profiles in the new Edge browser.

How to Add Profile in Edge

  1. Click your photo in the top right corner and click Manage Profile Settings
    1 edge manage profile settings
  2. At the top right, click + Add Profile
    2 add profile in Edge
  3. Click Add
  4. Click Sign in to sync data
  5. Choose an existing account, or add a new Work or School account, or Microsoft account
  6. Click Continue
  7. Enable “Sync browser data across all your signed-in devices” and click Next
  8. Click Done

Your second profile is now added.

How to Switch profile in Edge

  1. Click your photo in the top right corner and click Manage Profile Settings
  2. In the More Profiles section, click Switch at the right of the account you want to use
    2 edge switch profile

You have now successfully switched your alternative profile in Edge.

How to Delete profile in Edge

  1. Click your photo in the top right corner and click Manage Profile Settings
  2. It is only possible to remove the profile that is active.
    1. If this is not the case, you first have to switch the profile
  3. Click the three dots next to your account and click Remove.
    2 delete profile in Edge

All browser data of that specific account is now removed. You are not able to logon with that account again until you re-add the account to the Edge profile list.

More information

If you don’t have Edge installed on your pc yet, go to this post to get the download: Chromium Edge browser download link

For more information about the Chromium based Edge browser, see:

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DOG= Edge browser. = Internet Explorer

Faheem Ahmad

how to compeltey remove all data even from profile (online saved)


Go to history or just delete ur account and start fresh.

Last edited 3 years ago by pooppants


Last edited 3 years ago by GAMER

thanks a lot mic soft ur really nice


Tried to use the delete option. Didn’t work, kept popping back up every time.


Hi, is there any way to remove the user profile from the Edge browser through script or batch file?

mohammad masrawi


Roberto Pacleb

I keep following the instructions on how to delete my profile but it keeps showing up.

Rhonda Caywood

Why do I need more than 1 Profile? Every time I click on Edge, no matter where it’s from, desktop, taskbar, Windows, I am asked to DOWNLOAD Edge. I have downloaded Edge several times, I see the .exe in files but that’s it. I have changed my settings to allow ONE profile. Is that permissible? I am one person sitting at home, and no one else uses this computer. Having more than one profile for me seems useless.


Thank you, finally figured it out


this doesn’t help in deleting the profiles/ account on an iphone.


This is method for Edge on PC/Laptop version.



Tar Tar

I used edge at my work pc.I want to remove microsoft account from edge.

  1. i already do this way.<Manage Profile Settings>Click the three dots >and click Remove>
  2. It does not work.I need to remove as soon as possible.pls..
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