How to change the homepage in Microsoft Edge – home button

Wandering on the internet, I found out there’s no good explanation on how to change the homepage of Microsoft Edge. Also, many people are missing the home button in their menu.
Yes, there are a lot of examples of how to change the start page. But the start page will only come into the picture when you open Edge or when you add a new tab.

So, here’s finally a good step-by-step guide on how to add the home button and change the homepage homepage edge :

  1. Open Microsoft Edge
  2. Click the three dots at the right top three dots
  3. Click Settings
  4. Scroll down to “Advanced Settings” (almost at the very end of the menu list)
  5. At the top, make sure “Show the home button” is enabled. Then, click “Start Page“.
  6. A small dropdown menu will appear. Select “A specific page
  7. In the blank field, type your new home button page (i.e. Don’t forget to click the save button at the right  Save Button Edge

Here’s a step-by-step screenshot on how to add the home button and change the homepage of the home button:

Set home button in Microsoft Edge
Set home button in Microsoft Edge

Here’s a video on how to add the home button and change the homepage of the home button:

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Peter mcDonald

Thank you! Very informative and clear explanation. Is it also possible to change the default search provider to google? Thnx!

ms onenote support

Click on the three-dotted icon on the Microsoft Edge and go to the Settings, Entering there select the Advanced setting and you will be shown an option like Change homePage. Click on it and you can browse the homepage from there.


Many thanks!


i am running windows 7 pro with edge beta version and none of what you stated apply on how to find it. There is no advance or anything else you stated.


its actually under appearance

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