How to change public folder default reply address in Office 365 (Couldn’t update the primary SMTP address)

By default a public folders’ email address in Office 365 gets the address as the reply address. It would be nicer to have the company’s default email address as reply address.

To adjust the PrimarySMTPAddress, run the Set-MailPublicFolder cmdlet with the PrmarySMTPAddress parameter

Set-MailPublicFolder -Identity -PrimarySmtpAddress

In my case however, I encountered this error:

WARNING: Couldn’t update the primary SMTP address because this mailbox is configured to use an email address policy. To disable the email address policy for this mailbox, run the command with the EmailAddressPolicyEnabled parameter set to $false.

set-mailpublicfolder Couldn't update the primary SMTP address

I firstly had to disable the EmailAddressPolicy. To do so, run

Set-MailPublicFolder -Identity -EmailAddressPolicyEnabled $False

After this, I could change the SMTP address:

Set-MailPublicFolder -Identity -PrimarySmtpAddress

You can also change the default SMTP address of a public folder using the Exchange Online GUI:

public folder make this the reply address

But note that the checkbox “Make this the reply address” is only available after you have set the EmailAddressPolicyEnabled to $false. For more information about the Set-MailpublicFolder can be found here




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New problem, I think. Microsoft have deprecated Basic Authentication, and the new cmdlets, which are REST based do not include all the parameters of the older Exchange Powershell cmdlets.

We have this exact issue, but the EmailAddressPolicyEnabled parameter no longer exists for the Set-MailPublicFolder cmdlet.

Any ideas? It seems as if Microsoft have deprecated stuff without yet adding their replacements…

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