FlexLM License Manager and IPv6 and Direct Access

Just stumbled upon a funny situation here: ArcGIS and Autocad make use of a FlexLM License Manager (LMTools) when set up in Concurrent Use Mode. As soon as you start these applications, they will try to reserve a license for as long as the application is running. This works well in a native LAN environment. In Direct Access however the routing gets confused. You probably get the following error:
“Network Licensing: Error [-15.570.0] A valid license could not be obtained by the network license manager”

Consider the following situation:
Your IT environment consists of clients which connect to your IT infrastructure from your HQ, as well as by using Direct Access from remote locations.
A laptop is configured with ArcGIS installed. The license manager is configured to use SRV-LICENSING-1 for license borrowing. When the application starts in the LAN environment, the local licensing tool tries to resolve SRV-LICENSING-1 to a valid IP address. This works OK; DNS will return, i.e.
Direct Access however only uses IPv6 as default protocol. It is unable to find IPv4 addresses. So when my licensing tool tries to connect to SRV-LICENSING-1, it will actually try to connect to, which will obviously fail. Direct Access wants an IPv6 address only.

Solution in this case:
Configure 2 licensing servers in the registry: 1 for the local network and 1 for the Direct Access network.
It is possible to configure this setting at installation by using the “ESRI_LICENSE_HOST=” parameter switch. Separate server addresses with a semi colon (;). Ie.:

Another solution is to use Group Policy preferences. This is the recommended way if you already installed ArcGIS on several machines:


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