Fix yellowish colors in screenshots on Lenovo laptop with Lenovo Vantage

Several Lenovo users report strange colors in their screenshots when they capture a screenshot. It makes no difference whether they use PRT-SCRN or use screenshot software like Snipping Tool or Snip & Sketch. Some screenshots are clearly reddish, others call them yellow or orange. Adjusting the night light feature or making changes in your custom color profile in Color Management won’t fix it.

eye care lenovo vantage

What causes these color tints in screenshots?

Most likely, Lenovo Vantage software causes this issue. This software is used to manage your laptop, keep it up to date, and adjust hardware specific settings. In the latest version, the Eye Care mode was updated. It’s probably a bug in this mode that changes the color of the screenshots.

How to fix the color deviation?

There are 2 effective ways to fix the colors in your screen captures

Neat way to fix screenshot colors

On a Lenovo Yoga or Thinkpad, you have probably installed Lenovo Vantage. This tool caused your problem, but will also help you fix it đŸ™‚

  1. Open Lenovo Vantage from your start menu
  2. Go to Hardware SettingsAudio / Visual
    1. Turn off Eye Care Mode
    2. Click Reset to reset  Color Temperature settings
    3. If available, untick “Schedule eye care mode from sunset to sunrise”

      reset eye care mode lenovo vantage

Effective way (not so neat) to restore screenshot colors

  1. Click Start -> type System Configuration -> open System Configuration
  2. Click Tab Services
  3. Look for Lenovo services, untick them, and click OK

    system configuration services
    (if you didn’t start System Configuration as an administrator, you may get a security warning. Click OK)
  4. Restart your computer for the changes to take effect

Final note

Although it’s a minor issue for most Windows 10 users, it certainly is a nasty bug for web designers and graphics professionals. Screen captures result in yellow, orange or red, because the Eye Care mode filters out the blue color. Above’s steps should help you out to fix unnatural colors in screen captures.

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