Fix Intune error 0x8007013A during App Installation

Error 0x8007013A occurred in my Intune Portal as Installation Status for one of my applications. Below is a description of the situation and how I fixed it.

A user stumbled upon an installation error in the Company Portal. The required app stated ‘Installation failed’, and since it was a required app (opposed to an available app) the user was not able to retry the installation. Required apps in Intune are automatically retried every x hours. I think it was 12 hours, but correct me if I’m wrong.

intune 0x8007013A

Nevertheless, in the Intune portal I saw error 0x8007013A for the installation, but on the client I couldn’t find any related logs. Nor in the event viewer or the Intune Management Extension log files.

Error code 0x8007013A represents “The physical resources of this disk have been exhausted (0x8007013A)“. An educated guess would be the hard disk is out of space or the hard disk is too busy. However, this was not the case. Luckily, I had my 14 years of sysadmin experience with me and realized this error could also mean the binaries of the installation files were corrupt or incomplete.

How I Fixed 0x8007013A

I found the cache folder of Intune, which was:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Intune Management Extension\Content\Incoming\
In the Incoming folder, I found 3 GUID named files. One of the GUIDs looked familiar to me. I also saw that GUID in the Intune logfiles together with the failing application. Deleting the file was not possible (something with insufficient rights, blabla), but luckily I was able to rename the folder to Incoming-old.

I restarted the Microsoft Intune Management Extension service (from services.msc), and voila: the Incoming folder was recreated. Installation binaries took some hours to cache, but when I rechecked the computer the next day, the application was successfully installed

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It works!

Just one thing, I was able to delete the content inside the “incoming” folder after renaming to “incoming_old”. So I can keep the same “incoming” folder after the cleanup.


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