Fix Error 0x80070490 configuring Onedrive Personal Vault

On a rainy Sunday, I wanted to give Onedrive’s new Personal Vault a shot. The configuration wizard starts normally,  but then the error 0x80070490 struggle begins. Let’s see how this Sundays ends… 🙂

Btw: Please leave a comment if this article helped you out (or maybe not). I’ll do my best to make this post as complete as possible with the best guidance to fix this issue.

Error code 0x80070490 – OneDrive couldn’t be installed

I’m using my Windows 10 pc for this process. To enable my Personal Vault, I double-click the Personal Vault file in my Onedrive folder. Note: the Personal Vault is shown as a file / shortcut. Don’t look for it in the folder list.

onedrive open personal vault
In the configuration process everything seems to be fine. But as soon as Onedrive is preparing for first use (?), it returns Onedrive could’t be installed error code 0x80070490

0x80070490 onedrive couldnt be installed

Fix 0x80070490

Disable Antivirus (worst solution)

One way to fix my Onedrive Personal Vault issue, was to disable antivirus. In my case Windows Defender / Windows Security  (but I’ve read successful stories too on disabling F-secure, Symantec, Avast and McAfee). However, once enabled, my Personal Vault didn’t function anymore. So that would mean I had to leave it disabled. No-go. 🙂

Disable Check Apps and Files

Another fix, that has been confirmed by several users, is to turn off Check Apps and Files. This is less insecure than fully disabling your antivirus. Follow these steps:

  1. Click Start -> type Windows Security -> click Windows Security
    open windows security
  2. Go to App & Browser Control, scroll to the Check apps and files section and click Off.
    windows security turn off check apps and files
  3. Retry to open the Personal Vault

Reset Onedrive

Another possible way to fix 0x80070490 is to reset Onedrive.
To reset, follow these steps:

  1. Open a command prompt
  2. Run the following command
    %localappdata%\Microsoft\OneDrive\onedrive.exe /reset
    Wait 30 seconds. This process is “invisible”.
    onedrive reset
  3. In the same command prompt window, run this command to restart Onedrive:
    Onedrive will now perform some finishing operations related to the reset.
  4. Retry to enable the Personal Vault


Reset Onedrive Account

A reset of your Onedrive account may be your last resort to fix 0x80070490. It sounds worse than it is, though. The procedure does not cause any data loss, because your data is stored on Microsoft servers. In addition, it will not delete local data that was not synced yet.
To reset your Onedrive account:

  1. Right click the Onedrive icon -> click More -> click Settings
    open onedrive settings
  2. In the Onedrive window, click Account tab and click Unlink this pc
    onedrive unlink account

You can now add your account again by using the Onedrive wizard. It will popup as soon as you start Onedrive.

Final note

This latest step fixed my Personal Vault issue with Onedrive.
But your problem may be solved sooner, or maybe not at all! Please leave a comment so I can improve this article, or change the order of possible fixes.

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Hi. The solution I found was unlinking the other Microsoft accounts, such as the Office 365 for School and keeping just the Personal account. Thank you 😀

Paul Ellenbogen

The last solution worked. Personal vault showed up as a shortcut in OneDrive. I deleted it 🙂


Unlinking works. Thank you.


I used all of the methods above to try opening my personal vault but without success. The OS of my PC is windows 10 version 1903.
However, I have no issues with opening the personal vault on my other PC, which has windows 10 version 1909.
The only way I can access personal vault on the OS version 1903 PC is online.
I understand from microsoft forums the issue is related to windows 10 version 1903, does anyone have the problem with version 1909?

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