Fix error 0x80004005 in Intune (2147467259, no error code)

Microsoft Intune provides the option to offer profiles to managed devices. This has the advantage that an end-user does not have to configure settings. Consider, for example, e-mail configuration, Wi-Fi settings, certificates, and VPN connections. A mistake or typo is easily made.
A colleague asked me today to publish a VPN Profile on 1 of his devices. He had checked in advance what the correct VPN settings were.
When publishing to the device I got the following error in Intune:

Windows10VPNConfiguration – Error – -2147467259 (No error code).
intune error 0x80004005 in vpn

In the sidebar, there was error code 0x80004005.

intune error 0x80004005 in vpn

Error 0x80004005 is an unspecified error. But if you get this message in Intune, it usually means that a setting cannot be written. So this is a big difference from Access Denied or Incorrect Value.

Solution for 0x80004005 in Intune

The fix for 0x80004005 was throwing away the current VPN Configuration on the Windows 10 client. The error –2147467259 occurs because Intune cannot overwrite a VPN connection that was not created by Intune itself.
The same occurs with Email Configuration. If the email configuration with the same name already exists, Intune will return an error. There is no administrator-friendly way to overwrite existing settings. The fastest is to contact the end-user and discard the configuration manually.

Unspecified error and no error code

Error 0x80004005 is one of the most unclear error messages. The notification occurs in various applications for the most diverse reasons. For example with Windows Autopilot, in SCCM, or just when installing windows updates or extracting a zipfile. It is therefore important to state the product name and version when searching and troubleshooting. Simply searching for Unspecified Error almost never leads to a solution.

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