Fix Error 0-2034 in Office Deployment Toolkit

Recently a friend of mine got Error Code: 0-2034 when running the Office Deployment Toolkit. Working in a medium-sized company, he wanted to deploy Office 2019 (volume license-based) to a handful of devices. He downloaded the executable, extracted the files to a folder, and then double-clicked setup.exe.

The exact error was:

Couldn’t install
We’re sorry, we had a problem installing your Office program(s).
Is your internet connection working? Do you have enough free
space on your main hard drive?
Please try installing again after you’ve checked the above.
Go online for additional help.
Error Code: 0-2034 (0)

ODT error 0 2034 office deployment toolkit

After verifying the internet connection and making sure free disk space was not the issue, I applied the following fix.

How to fix error 0-2034 Couldn’t install in ODT

A few seconds after you double-clicked Setup.exe, you will get error 0-2034. The setup.exe is extracted to a folder and is accompanied with the the following files:


The trick to avoiding error 0-2034 is to apply parameters.

In ODT’s setup.exe you’ll need to use /download <xml file> or /configure <xml file>. The included XML-files are samples, but you can try the /download switch to verify the working.

  1. Hold SHIFT while right-clicking in the ODT folder
  2. Click Open Powershell window here
    open powershelle here in explorer
  3. Type .\setup.exe /download .\configuration-Office2019Enterprise.xml
  4. Notice that an Office folder will appear. All Office binaries, as configured in the XML file, are now being downloaded to the Office folder.
  5. Using /configure, setup.exe will download AND install Office.
    odt install ofice 2019

These steps will most likely answer your question about the Office Deployment Tool and error 0-2034.

Alternative fixes for error 0-2034 in Office Deployment Tool

In case you are facing the error while using the /download or /configure switch, these actions may help you out

Delete the Office folder

The downloaded Office data in the ODT folder may be corrupted. Simply delete the folder, and run the setup.exe command again.

Remove all Office products from your device

A conflict may arise when you try to run setup.exe on a computer that already has a version of Office installed. Make sure you’ve backed up all data and make sure you know how to reconfigure (like your Outlook email). Uninstall the Office products and try again.

Try another way to call the XML-file

In my example, I suggested using .\setup.exe /configure .\configuration-Office2019Enterprise.xml. However, some system administrators were helped by using the full path to the XML. Like:

C:\ODT\setup.exe /configure C:\ODT\configuration-Office2019Enterprise.xml

Talking about the XML-file, make sure you don’t make a typo. And sometimes, there’s a duplicate extension, like config.xml.xml. 🙁
To prevent any dubious problem, Powershell allows you to hit <TAB> to auto-fill or auto-complete the XML filename:

  1. In Powershell, navigate to the ODT folder (or use the SHIFT-Rightclick trick to directly open Powershell in the ODT folder
  2. Type setup.exe /configure .\ -> HIT TAB – see auto-complete in action -> HIT ENTER

Links to resources

To create or customize the installation, you may edit the XML file manually. But it is recommended to use the online Office Customization Tool to generate an XML-file:

To download the Office Deployment Tool:

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William Garzon

Thank you very much! Finally I could install Office 2019. I use the file generated en the online Office Customization tool

Bill Brasky

User needs to download visio. microsoft supplies office.exe setup. Run it, No visio. No options.

Find microsoft article saying “Other Download Options” link allows for offline download. this is false and nonexistent.

Download ODT. run it with arguments, states “Not connected to internet.” Remove all office products, computer is worse than before and the ODT is still broken.


Bill Brasky

Turns out if setupOffice.exe fails to install visio you can uninstall office 365 previous setup and reinstall it to fix.

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