Expand disk in SCVMM while checkpoint is active

Today I noticed it is not possible in the VMM Console to expand a virtual SCSI disk while a Checkpoint is active. Well, that can be problematic while you’re in the middle of an upgrade (yeah, you should have checked that free disk space before starting your actions! 😉 ).
SCVMM no option to expand virtual hard disk

Luckily, it IS possible to expand your virtual disk in the Virtual Machine Manager Command Shell. Follow these steps to expand your hard drive online, while maintaining your checkpoint:

  1. Start Virtual Machine Manager Command Shell on your server where SCVMM is installed (or any other machine where the console is installed)
  2. Type and enter:
    Get-SCVirtualMachine "yourvm" | Get-SCVirtualDiskDrive #where yourvm is the name of your out-of-diskspace virtual machine

    Note the name of the VirtualHarddisk. Copy it.
    Get-SCVirtualDiskDrive scvmm

  3. Enter the following cmdlet.
    a) Replace yourvm for your actual Vmname.
    b) Replace yourvm_disk_1_… for the name you retrieved in previous step.
    c) Replace 80 for the disk size you want the virtual disk to be. I.e.: If the disk is 80GB now, and you need 20GB more, enter 100

    Get-SCVirtualMachine "yourvm" | Get-SCVirtualDiskDrive | ?{$_.VirtualHardDisk -like "yourvm_DISK_1_22A2E9D7-4DBB--B482-ED6934791BD8"} | Expand-SCVirtualDiskDrive -VirtualHardDiskSizeGB 80
  4. Log on to the VM, and expand your harddisk in Disk Manager (diskmgmt.msc)

Note: when you revert to your checkpoint, the disk resize action is made undone.

Aboves’ steps are verified on the following configuration:
Windows Server 2012 R2
System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2012 R2 (SCVMM 2012 R2)
Virtual Machine with Windows 10 installed. SCSI Adapter with Differencing Disk type

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Did you encounter this error?

Expand-SCVirtualDiskDrive : Expanding the virtual hard disk for a VM with checkpoints is not supported. (Error ID: 850)

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