Event 9874: Unexpected error 0x80040109 occurred in “EcProcessVirusScanQueueItem”

If you run Exchange 2007 SP1 with an antivirus program like Trend Micro ScanMail 8.0, the following event may occur in your eventlog:

Event Type: Warning
Event Source: MSExchangeIS
Event Category: Virus Scanning
Event ID: 9874
Date:  8/4/2008
Time:  8:34:47 AM
User:  N/A
Computer: %
Unexpected error 0x80040109 occurred in “EcProcessVirusScanQueueItem” during virus scanning. Mailbox Database: %/cn=Microsoft Private MDB

This Warning is a known error in SP1 and you can ignore it. So far, there has not been released a hotfix for it. Maybe SP1 Rollup 4 will come with a solution (as I’m wrting this, only Rollup 3 has been released, which does not fix the problem)

Update december 11, 2008: tested by myself and one of my blog readers, Rollup 4 does not fix the EcProcessVirusScanQueueItem – problem. Maybe I was too optimistic when  I wrote this post in August 🙁

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Parry Stevens

We’re running Exchange 2007 and get the 9874 all the time. Rollup 4 did not fix it.

John Busch

Rollup 5 does not fix this either.

Brian Jorgenson

I just applied Rollup 6 today and this too does not fix the error.


Rollup 1,234,987 doesn’t fix it either.


Rana Khuram

Microsoft Release Roll up 7 but there is a BUG on it,After installing Rollup 7 Exchange Outlook Web Access is not functioning.i have remove the rollup patch then my OWA start functioning again.

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