Event 10016: The application-specific permission settings do not grant Local Launch permission for the COM Server application with CLSID {C97FCC79-E628-407D-AE68-A06AD6D8B4D1}

UPDATED: Do you have Windows 10? Go to this post: https://www.itexperience.net/event-id-10016-fix-the-application-specific-permission-settings-do-not-grant-local-activation-permission-for-the-com-server-application-with-clsid/

On Windows 7, you may have the following error stated in your eventlog:

Log Name: System
Source: Microsoft-Windows-DistributedCOM
Event ID: 10016
Level: Error
Description: The application-specific permission settings do not grant Local Launch permission for the COM Server application with CLSID {C97FCC79-E628-407D-AE68-A06AD6D8B4D1} and APPID {344ED43D-D086-4961-86A6-1106F4ACAD9B} to the user NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM SID (S-1-5-18) from address LocalHost (Using LRPC). This security permission can be modified using the Component Services administrative tool.

The descriptions instructs you to modify the security permissions in the Component Services MMC. However, you’ll soon find out that the given ID’s are not listed in the Component Services. Because the procedure to prevent the error from occurring is quite devious, I will describe them here, from begin to end:

  1. Make sure you’re logged on as an administrator.
  2. Click Start, type regedit in the Search bar, then click regedit.exe
  3. In the Registry Editor, press CTRL-F, type {344ED43D-D086-4961-86A6-1106F4ACAD9B} and click “Find Next”.
  4. The first result is located in HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\AppID\. This is the key we need.
  5. Right-click the key {344ED43D-D086-4961-86A6-1106F4ACAD9B} in the left sidebar, and then press “Permissions…
  6. We first have to change the ownership of the key. The current owner is TrustedInstaller. We have to change the owner to Administrators. Therefor, click Advanced. Then go to the tab Owner, select Administrators, check the box “Replace owner on subcontainers and objects”  and press OK.
  7. Now that we have changed the ownership to ourself (member of the Administrators group), we can change the permissions on the registry key. In the Permissions window, grant Administrators AND SYSTEM Full Control permissions
    Then click OK to confirm the changes. In these 8 steps, we have granted the Administrators and SYSTEM account full permissions to the key HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\AppID\{344ED43D-D086-4961-86A6-1106F4ACAD9B}
  8. Verify that in this key, the value of LocalService is IPBusEnum
  9. Click Start, type Component in the Search box, and then click Component Services
  10. In the Component Services window, go to Computers –> My Computer –> DCOM Config. Right-click IPBusEnum and click Properties.
  11. Go to the tab Security. In the Launch and Activate permissions section, select Customize and click Edit.
  12. Select SYSTEM, select the permissions checkbox “Local Launch”. Then click OK to apply the change.
  13. Done!
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When I go to the IPbusenum key, the security tab is all greyed out, even if I click on run as administrator (I am in an administrator account by default). How do I get around this to fix this error? I’m getting really tired of this BSOD.



Thank you for the detailed information. My problem was solved.
I only needed steps 9-12.
Great help!


There’s a HUUUUUUGE difference to be administrator and launch an application with rightclick “run as Administrator”

You MUST use rightclick “run as Administrator” or you don’t have really highest permissions.

Thanks to the autor of this article! Works fine (If you know this with rightclick “run as Administrator”)


Jaron, ik had the same problem and first you have to do the steps on this website 🙂


It helped for me. After i did that i followed the steps subscribed above


Arjan, thanks. It turns out I did not read every step down to the smallest detail in the procedures above. I was able to go through it and actually was able to change the setting. Hopefully I won’t crash any more.

I think I’m good for now…


Thanks, this fixed the error for me, excellent explanation. In my case it was Canon MP640 printer drivers installed for a networked printer that introduced this error.


Thanks…worked like a charm!!!!


Thanks !!


Your instructions were excellent and resolved my event error. THANKS so much!


Finally the correct details to fix this error message. Great work and thanks for the detailed explination of how to fix the problem.



Hi. Thanks a lot for your detailed explanation. I thought I know all about Windows but here I saw that there are always new secrets you need to know.



Wow – this worked perfectly
Thank you VM


Thanks for the post. It was a Canon driver for me too.

Tracy Karin

Wow! Great Job! I finally cleared this error! Thank You So Much!

Bob T

Very helpful! Pity Microsoft does not offer a similarly helpful and easy to follow service to it’s customers. Thank you.


I did the following steps however when I went to check the permissions back in component services I was unable to verify and customize the settings why is that.


Hartelijk dank voor de gedetailleerde oplossing/informatie. Mijn probleem is eindelijk opgelost.
Ik ben er dagen mee bezig geweest om het op te lossen en eindelijk is het gelukt, hulde.


Thank you very much for the detailed solution/information. My problem has been solved. I have searched days on internet for this problem and at last it has succeeded, homage!!


Gracias !!!!! first time trying to correct this error , not sure if it worked for me but from the comments and perfect clear and concise instructions …No need for doubt in my mind

Thomas A Richards

Problem is, When I attempt to change owership, I receive the error message: “Access denied,” even though I am an administrator. How do I grant myself permission to change ownership?

Thomas A Richards

I fixed this, but with the additional step of having to change ownership and permissions of the parent CLSID in order to change ownership and permissions of the APPID.




Hey if you get an error doing this make sure your running this from THE ADMINISTRATOR account … not just an administrator account.
Check here

Krishna Dos Santos Chauhan

Hey, I have logged in as an admin but it is says that i still do not have the correct permissions on step 7.


I also fixed this but had to reconfigure permissions for the parent CLSID in order to change ownership and permissions of the APPID.

Great info thanks a lot!


Thanks for posting the article, this solution worked for me on Server 2008 R2


Error on new Dell laptop was driving me crazy. NOW SOLVED!! Thanks for such a detailed posting.


Thank you very much!!!!!

Josh M

When attempting Steps 11 and 12, my Security tab has all selections greyed out. I have run this as an Administrator and get the same result. My account is part of the Administrators group. Suggestions?

David Bankson

Exactly the same for me — Administrator of PC, Windows 7, followed every other step perfectly, everything on Security tab grayed out. Is there not a fix for this?

Bryon B

In order to see all the tabs, you may need to run the Regedit program AS the ‘Administrator’ user – not just as a member of the Administrators group (note that one of the steps above is to grant the local Administrators group ownership/rights to the key, which you may not have yet). To run regedit as the ‘Administrator’ user, I locate the shortcut to the Windows Command Prompt in the Start menu, right-click the shortcut, then click Run as Administrator. Then, anything I launch from the command prompt will also run as the Administrator user (e.g. type ‘regedit’ like… Read more »


thanks a lot!!!
finally fixed that error!!


Thanx a lot for your clear solution…after boring nights not gettin` fixed the problem…

Steven Rowe

Thanks for the info. the last step was the one I was missing


i have this issue with windows 8. The point is that when i go on the advanced security settings (step 6) there is not the owner tab.

What can i do to fix this ?



Did you click on “Advanced” in the permissions window?


perfetto! Thanks


Like some others here, I was having a problem where my PC (Win 7 Pro) would freeze, totally lock up every once in a while. I then started having problems with my Dragon NaturallySpeaking software, I could start it but it would always freeze when I tried to start using it. I came across the Event 10016 error message in my log several times. I googled it and found this page. I made the changes listed here and my PC’s been running smoothly ever since, thanks!


thanks, solved for me! – the screenshots were really helpful. I also have a Canon (MX870) network printer driver installed…


Booyah! This is kind of answer that I expected from TechNet but never got. Thank you!


Am having same problem with win 7pr Sp1 – run regedit as admin but when I go to advanced tab to change owners, when I click on administrators entry in the list I do not have the check box as above, but rather 2 check boxes: – Include inheritable permissions from this objects parent and – Replace all child objects permissions with inheritable permissions from this object. I have tried both separately and together and each time I get popup unable to save permission changes on {{344ED43D-D086-4961-86A6-1106F4ACAD9B}. Access denied. as I mentioned, I typed in regedit in the start search… Read more »


OOPs my bad… missed the click on the owners tab screen shot… have managed to do the permissions change. ignore previous message…. just need to see if this fixed my problems.

Thanks to the original poster of the solution.


Okay so now that I’ve made these appropriate changes, should I “Replace owner on subcontainers and objects” back to “TrustedInstaller” as well as un-doing the changes to Administrators AND SYSTEM? I’m thinking I should what’s your suggestion?


Thanks. My Windows 7 was taking minutes after I logged in and before I could do anything (it was frozen). After month of being frustrated by the very long delay, today I decided to do something about it, and look in the event log to see if I could find any error. I found that IPBusEnum was timing out. I applied your fix, and now I boot, login and work right away.

Thanks again.

David R

Thanks a lot ! it’s work on Windows 2008 R2 too 🙂

Jason Kovach

Thank you so very much for this elegant, and succinct explanation.
It has saved me hours of noodling around the guts of Win7.

Edward L Farmer


You are a kind and very gifted individual who really cares about helping others.

Everything about this document has been very well prepared
and absolutely perfect.

Thank you very much!

Edward L Farmer


Thanks so much. I have been searching the answer for this puzzle for a few days, including the Microsoft website. You are the only one offer correct answer with detail instructions to help me solve this problem and educate myself.

Thank you!


Thanks, this was really more than helpful.

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It worked for me!. Many, many thanks…


thanks u are gut gut gut


I get to step 11 and the IPBusEnum Security tab (in fact all the tabs) are greyed out so I cannot select custom/edit!!!! I have verified I am in the administrator group. I was able to complete steps 1-7. I have made the owner of the clsid administrators. But I cannot do step 11. Please help this is making me want to take a bat to my computer!!!!!


Right click and run as administrator


I cannot complete step 11. All the options in the ipbusenum/security tab are grayed out. I can complete steps 1-7 just fine. I am losing my patients!


.For those who got the problem after step 7 … they have to start the “Component services” with right click and “run as administrator”!!! then is not grayed…. saludos!


I can’t seem to see why I don’t get an “Owner” tab like step 6, it’s not even there…


Click advanced button first

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