Error 10698 The virtual machine could not be live migrated to the virtual machine host using this cluster configuration in SCVMM

During a live migration of multiple VM’s with SC Virtual Machine Manager, some LM’s failed because of the following error:

Error (10698)
The virtual machine could not be live migrated to the virtual machine host using this cluster configuration.

Recommended Action
Check the cluster configuration and then try the operation again.

This error is clear, yet still very vague. What cluster configuration setting should you check? Where to start? Luckily, the eventlog of the related Hyper-V host will help you further.

On the Hyper-V host where the VM is settled, open the event viewer (eventvwr.msc). From there, open System. Look for error messages with source Hyper-V-High-Availability (event 21502). In my case, I found the following variety of errors:

Log Name:     System
Source:       Microsoft-Windows-Hyper-V-High-Availability
Event ID:     21502
Computer:     hyperv1
Description: Live migration of ‘server1’ failed.
Virtual machine migration operation for ‘server1’ failed at migration destination ‘hyperv1’. (Virtual machine ID )
The virtual machine ‘server1’ is using processor-specific features not supported on physical computer ‘hyperv1’. To allow for migration of this virtual machine to physical computers with different processors, modify the virtual machine settings to limit the processor features used by the virtual machine. (Virtual machine ID )

event 21502 live migration error scvmm

Sometimes you may need to (un)check your Cloud Capability Profile.
Sometimes, you may need to adjust your Virtual NUMA settings (spanning enabled).

In rare occasions, this may not help you at all. Though it seems like an issue with the processor, it can be anything. In my case, it was a misconfigured network card. When I removed the NIC, I could migrate just fine. Keep that in mind 🙂

I’ve not found a great way to find the root cause of these errors. If you have any experience or tips, please leave a comment 🙂


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