Deploy a VM from your template – step 7

You’re reading the blog post series ”Creating a Windows 2012 VM Template with SCVMM 2012

In our previous step, we created a Hardware Profile.
You’re now at the final step: deploying your first Windows 2012 server from the template. I know it has been quite some work to build the basics, but it’s worth it!

In your VMM Console, click Library in your navigation pane. Click Templates -> VM Templates. Locate your template, right click and choose Create Virtual MachineVMM VM Templates
The Create Virtual Machine Wizard appears. Choose a name for your VM, and click Next.

At “Configure Hardware” choose your Hardware Profile

VMM Configure Hardware

At “Configure Operating System”, choose your Guest OS ProfileVMM Configure Operating System

At “Select Destination”, choose “Place the virtual machine on a host” and select “All Hosts”

VMM Select Destination

At “Select Host”, choose the host with the highest ranking.

VMM Select Host

At “Configure Settings”, you typically leave them as is. For “Identity Information”, it’s a best practice to keep your VM name in VMM the same as the OS name in Windows 2012.

VMM Configure Settings

At “Add properties”, leave the checkbox unchecked. VMM Add properties

At “Summary”, verify the Virtual Machine name, Destination Host and Path to the VM. Select the “Start the virtual machine after deploying it” and Create.

VMM Summary

And, with this deployment, this series have come to an end. I would like to encourage you to build some more Hardware Profiles (light, heavy) and Guest OS Profiles (like 2012 Web server, 2012 SQL server) to semi-automate and professionalize your cloud even more.

Thank you for reading!

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