Copy the Windows 2012 ISO the the Library – step 1

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In this first step we’re going to do some pre-work: copy the Windows 2012 ISO to your VMM Library Server. Once that’s finished, we can create a VM, which is step 2.

The library server is one of features in VMM which can save you a lot of time in the long run. It’s out of scope in this blog post to explain how to set up the library, so I hope (and assume) you already have one in place. If not, go create one and come back once finished 🙂

Adding an ISO to the Library Server is pretty easy once you know. I love MS Paint, so here’s my one-printscreen-overview of how to import the Windows 2012 ISO to your library:

SCVMM Add ISO to Library

1. Click Library
2. Click your library server
3. Click “Import Physical Resource
4. Click “Add resource…” and select the ISO to import
5. Click “Browse” and select the folder where you want the ISO to be placed
6. Click “Import

The ISO is added to your library! Continue to step 2: Create the VM and install Windows 2012

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