Convert the VM to a VM template – step 4

You’re reading the blog post series ”Creating a Windows 2012 VM Template with SCVMM 2012

In step 3 we sysprepped the Windows Server 2012 VM. We are now going to convert the VM to a VM Template.
First, we are going to make a copy of the VM. Just to be sure…  🙂

To do so, we right click the VM, choose Create and then choose “Clone”. VMM Clone a VM

A wizard will guide you through a legion of steps. You can accept all the defaults; we are (hopefully) not going to need this clone. Cloning a machine means copying +/- 12GB of data. This may take some time…

Once the clone is created, we’re ready to choose Create -> Create VM Template

VMM VM Template warning

Yes, we want to continue! Because we made that clone just a second ago 🙂

After clicking Yes, a new “Create VM Template Wizard” appears. You may leave all the settings to Default. There’s no need to customize now.
The only field you have to fill in, is the “Select Path” field. Here you need to choose the folder in the Library, where the template file (VHDX file) should be stored.

Converting to a template may take some time. Once finished, continue to step 5: Create a Guest OS Profile

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