“Configuration Manager Setup requires that the site server computer has administrative rights on the SQL Server and management point computers” in SCCM 2012

During the prerequisites check of SCCM 2012, you may encounter the error:
Configuration Manager Setup requires that the site server computer has administrative rights on the SQL Server and management point computers.

The prerequisite “Site server computer account administrative rights” equals the status “Failed”.


This message typically occurs when you’re setting up a new SCCM environment with a new remote SQL Database server.
In most cases, you can solve this error by adding the SCCM server name to the Local Administrators Server.
(To add a computer to the Administrators group, don’t forget to tick the Computers checkbox under Object Types , since you won’t find your server if you don’t 🙂 ).


When running SQL in a cluster, make sure to add the SCCM server to all cluster members.
If you’re installing SCCM 2012 with an account that’s not a member of the Domain Admins, make sure to add that user account as well to the Local Administrators group of the SQL Server.

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Thanks for this usefull solution !!!!


Thank you.. Super simple solution but I just couldn’t work it out.


This was very helpful!! It resolved my issue. I’m fairly new to installing MS Server products. Your guide was pretty straight forward once I figured out the terminology. Right on target and the pre-requisite check passed. Thank you.


Me too! Thank you.

Pim van de Vis

Hi Christian, I would never have guessed that I would contact you through your blog. But I had the above issue and your site gave the first Google hit 🙂
See you soon.


Thank you


Was sitting many frustrating hours trying to find the solution. I did see a similar post to this went around and added users to administrator all over the place, also added computer to Administrators. Nothing worked what so ever. Then found out that the SCCM computer needed to be added, as it says in this post on the LOCAL Administrators. I’ve added the computers to the Administrators on the AD server -.-

Thanks for help 🙂


Sometimes while doing big things we end up missing crucial parts..Certainly people like u have great Eye to point us through to Solution!!! thanx a ton


Why is it required to make the SCCM server a local admin of the remote SQL Server? What purpose does it serve?


ditto. thank you sir.

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worked like a F*ing charm. Thank you so much


Thanks, you’re the man!


Thanks a lot


thank you!


thank you!!

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