All fixes for Check the PIN and try connecting again

Many Windows 10 users have reported the Check the PIN and try connecting again error when they tried to pair their Bluetooth device with the computer. The error message usually occurs on keyboards. But this is mainly because there are many Bluetooth keyboards in circulation. The Check the PIN and try connecting again error also occurs with mice, headsets, and speakers.

I have found out that there are multiple causes for this error message. That is why there are also several solutions. I have listed all fixes from most likely to least likely. Does the first solution not solve your problem? Then just continue with the next solution.

Check the PIN and try connecting again bluetooth pairing

Fix 1: Enter the PIN code on the keyboard

This fix only applies to Bluetooth keyboards.

First, make sure your keyboard in in Pairing Mode. Check the device manual if you’re unsure how to do this. Then follow these steps:

  1. Click on Start ->type devicepairingwizard and click the Best match: devicepairingwizard
  2. In the Add a device window, wait for your keyboard to show up. Then select your keyboard, click next 
  3. Click the ‘or enter a code‘ link below. On this screen, a numeric code will be presented. If not, you will see a virtual keyboard. Here, click 0000 and click Enter
  4. Quickly type in the same code on your wireless keyboard and press Enter.

If successful it will show you a a paring successful message

Fix 2: Set Bluetooth Support service log on as Local System

Your Bluetooth Support Service may be configured to log on as a Local System Account. This is a misconfiguration. The Bluetooth Support Service should log on as a Local Service Account. To configure, follow these steps:

  1. Open Services as administrator
  2. In Services, right-click Bluetooth Support Service service
  3. Click Properties
  4. In the Properties Windows, click tab Log On
  5. Change the selection from Local System Account to This account: .
    Type “Local Service” and leave the password fields blank.
    • You don’t need to click the Browse button. Just type “Local Service” exactly the same, assuming you’re on an English Operating System
    • The password fields tend to show dots. Remove these dots, so that the fields are empty
  6. Click OK.
  7. Right-click the Bluetooth Support Service service and click on Restart
Set Bluetooth Support service log on as Local System 1

Fix 3: Clean up orphaned registry entry

A very common issue for the Check the PIN and try connecting again error is an invalid registry entry in your Registry. Especially Apple Keyboards tend to be the victim. The following steps are safe to follow and won’t harm your pc:

  1. Open Registry Editor: Click Start -> type Registry -> click on the best match: Registry Editor
    registry editor
  2. In the Registry Editor, navigate to the following path:
  3. Right-click the Addrs key and click on Delete. Click on Yes to confirm
  4. Retry to add your Bluetooth device
delete addrs bluetooth pin problem

Known devices for the Check the PIN and try connecting again error

The following devices are known to have the bluetooth pairing problem:

  • Koleer SU-H5
  • Microsoft Wireless Entertainment Keyboard 7000
  • Apple keyboards
  • Xbox One controller
  • Logitech K380
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