[2023] Change Edge default search engine to Google

Changing the default Search Engine in Edge is one of the first things I do after a clean Windows 10 installation. The search engine is set to Bing by default.
I don’t know about the experiences in the US, but in Europe the Bing search engine invariably puts the worst results at the top. Google is doing a lot better, but is debatable for data sharing. For privacy reasons, I often choose DuckDuckGo.
In this blog I will show you how you can set the default search engine in Edge.

Change the default search engine via Settings url in the address bar

The exact location in Edge where you can change the default search engine will sometimes change with updates. The last major update of Edge to the new Chromium-Edge

The quickest way to get to the correct setting is through the Address bar. Type the following to get directly to the Default Search Engine settings:


default search engine Edge 90 windows 10 20h2

Then choose your favorite search engine (e.g. Yahoo, Google, Bing or DuckDuckGo directly from the dropdown list Search Engine used in the address bar.

choose google duckduckgo as search engine edge

Do you want to set a different search engine? Then click on Manage Search Engines

Did you know Edge will also automatically find search engines when you use them? Just use the search bar on a particular website, and the search engine will be added to the list.

list of managed search engines automatically added

Change the default search engine step by step

If you feel more comfortable with clicking, you can of course also adjust the default search engine with just a few mouse clicks. Follow these steps to change your default search engine in the address bar in Microsoft Edge

edge search engine used in the address bar

How to change default search engine of Microsoft Edge

Total Time: 5 minutes

  1. Go to Settings

    edge click 3 dots and click settings

    Click on the 3 dots at the top right and click on Settings

  2. Go to Privacy, search and services

    edge click Privacy search and services

    In Settings, click on Privacy, search, and services. This will take you to the search settings section.

  3. Go to Address bar and search

    edge click address bar and search

    In the Privacy, search and services section, scroll down to the bottom and click on Address bar and search

  4. Set your preferred search engine

    edge search engine used in the address bar

    In the Address bar and search section, use the dropdown list to set your preferred search engine. You don’t need to click on Save anywhere after changing values. In the new Chromium Edge, changes are applied instantly.

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