Blurred logon screen in HyperV Enhanced Session

Today I ran into my logon screen in HyperV VM being blurry. I got no login prompts in my virtual machine. This happened after I turned on Enhanced Session Mode. After I went back to the normal ‘Console’ mode, I was able to log in to Windows 10 as usual. However, switching back to Enhanced Session immediately ran into the same problem, denying me to log in.

What happened? The last thing I could remember was adding a PIN as a sign-in option. And that turned out to be exactly the cause of the blurry login screen

Fix blurry logon screen in HyperV Enhanced Session

To fix the blurry logon screen in Windows 10 VM, do the following:

  1. Start your VM. In the menu of the VM, click View and make sure Enhanced Session is not enabled.
    hyperv disable enhanced session
  2. Logon to your Windows 10 VM with your username and PIN
  3. Go to Settings -> Accounts -> Sign-in options
  4. First make sure the “Require Windows Hello Sign-in for Microsoft Accounts” is disabled/off. If it is switched to On, turn it Off.
    turn off Require Windows Hello Sign in for Microsoft Accounts
  5. Click Windows Hello PIN to expand the field. Then click Remove to remove the PIN from your sign-in options
    remove windows hello pin
  6. Click Remove once more to confirm your choice
  7. Next, fill in the password of your account. Microsoft wants to make sure you remember your account password 🙂
  8. Done! You are now able to use Enhanced Sessions when connecting to your VM
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This is the first article I’ve found that FINALLY resolved the problem of the blurry screen preventing me to log into my VM while in Enhanced Session mode. But now I find that my VM can no longer access the Internet. Not sure why following these steps would cause that…


What network adapter do you use for your VM?



Last edited 3 years ago by Giovanni

Very helpful, thanks sir! Just setting up a new VPC, and staring at a blurred screen was not the desired result. Clicking the ‘Basic’ button meant I could continue, and you have shown how ‘Enhanced’ can be embraced.


this was really helpful. thx


Wonderful! Really appreciated!



Is there a fix to the problem thought?

John Doe

Thanks for the fix!!!!

Yantao Wu

This saved my day. Almost gave up on the VM I spent a day to setup due to this issue. Thanks a lot!

Yantao Wu

This saved my day. Almost gave up on the VM I spent a day to setup due to this issue. Thanks a lot!


Thank you so much for posting this!!! It solved my problem!!

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