All fixes for error caa70004 in Microsoft Teams

A number of my customers experience error code caa70004 when they try to start the Microsoft Teams desktop app. The exact error message reads:

Error code – caa70004
There’s a more permanent way to sign in to Microsoft Teams. If you’re having trouble completing the process, talk to your IT admin.

error code caa70004 microsoft teams more permanent way

I have spent a lot of time troubleshooting and resolving this caa70004 error. Causes can be very diverse: network issues (firewall, vpn), caching issues (after changing a password), or computer settings (disabled TLS, compatibility, permissions). Below I have listed all the solutions, starting with the most likely and easiest solution. Try to start Microsoft Teams after each fix. If it is not resolved, continue with the next possible fix.

Fix 1: Run Microsoft Teams once as an administrator

Sometimes, Microsoft Teams needs to make some modifications to your system, before running correctly. To run Teams as administrator:

  1. Right-click Microsoft Teams
  2. Select Run as administrator
    run microsoft teams as administrator
  3. Logon to Teams with an Office 365 account. Once logged on successfully, sign out and restart Microsoft Teams as usual

Fix 2: Run Teams in Compatibility Mode

Some users have been successful by running Teams in compatibility mode. Follow these steps to set Teams’ compatibility mode to Windows 8:

  1. In the Windows 10 start menu, right-click the Microsoft Teams shortcut and select Open file location
    microsoft teams open file location
  2. File Explorer opens to the shortcut path. Probably something like C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs
    Right-click the Microsoft Teams shortcut and select Properties
  3. In the Properties window, select the Compatibility tab. Enable the Run this program in Compatibility Mode for checkbox and select Windows 8
    run microsoft teams in compatibiliy mode windows 8
  4. Click OK to save the changes. Next, try to run Microsoft Teams from the Windows 10 start menu to verify error caa70004 is fixed/

Fix 3: Enable TLS in Internet Options

In a rare case, I had a client whose TLS was disabled in Internet Options (!). To verify TLS settings and possibly enable TLS, follow these steps:

  1. From the Windows 10 start menu, start typing Internet Options. Open Internet options
    internet options
  2. Select the Advanced tab and scroll down to the Security section.
  3. Check to see if you have TLS 1.1 enabled, TLS 1.2 enabled (checked).  If not, check the box to enable it.
    internet options tls
  4. Select OK to save the changes.
  5. Try to run Microsoft Teams

Fix 4: Disconnect VPN

In case you’re using a VPN connection, make sure to disconnect it. Some VPN and/or firewall configurations block or tamper traffic which may lead to error caa70004 while signing in. Once you are logged on to Teams, it’s ‘safe’ to (re)connect the VPN connection.

It is not viable to list all possible VPN solutions here. Please leave a comment if you are having trouble turning off your VPN connection or firewall, or if you’re running into any issues.

Fix 5: Clear cache of Microsoft Teams

The cache files of Microsoft Teams may very well cause the caa70004 error, especially if you recently changed your password. Clearing the Teams cache is necessary to delete any outdated data:

  1. Make sure Teams is not running. Check your system tray (at the right bottom on your taskbar) too, as Teams also runs minimized. If it is running, right-click the Teams icon and select Quit
    microsoft teams close exit system tray
  2. Open File Explorer and go to
    This will take you to a folder like
  3. Delete all files from this folder
  4. Try to start Microsoft Teams to see if error caa70004 is fixed.

Fix 6: Enable Forms-based Authentication and WS-Trust in your ADFS

This solution is very specific and intended for system administrators. But in case all users in a company have sign-in issues, this setting must not be overlooked:

Workaround for caa70004 error in Teams

If nothing seems to work for now, your best workaround is to use the web version of Microsoft Teams. The web version works surprisingly well. And as a bonus, you’re able to run Teams for multiple tenants. For example, I often need to be online for customer A and customer B. To avoid collaboration issues, I prefer to have dedicated accounts in the customers’ tenant.

Open Microsoft Teams web version from here:

If you’re still experiencing problems with Microsoft Teams and error caa70004, please leave a comment! This website is visited thousands of times a day. There is a good chance that I or someone else has an answer to your question.

If I helped you out with this post, please leave a comment too with your experiences! I’d love to read them! And while you’re here, why not take a look at how to improve your Microsoft Teams performance? Microsoft Teams tend to become very sluggish after some weeks with high cpu and memory usage.

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Thank you! I’ve tried literally everything and nothing worked. Then I found your solution about running the app in compatibility mode and it finally fixed the problem!

I’m very grateful…



“I’ve tried literally everything and nothing worked”
The word “literally” doesn’t mean what you think it means. And clearly, you hadn’t tried “everything”.

Scott M

Thank you the compatibility mode fixed this problem! I had tried everything to fix this 🙂

Mark P

Had to clear the cache and enable TLS… No idea how TLS got disabled

wu yongjian

Using compatibility mode works for me! Thank you so much!

Fabio Turroni

Another solution for this issue can be: in Windows, search for “Proxy” and then change “Automatically detect settings” to “Off” (I found it in a Microsoft Community answer) This method solved my problem with Teams desktop application


Not sure why running in compatibility mode fixed it, but it did. It just stopped working yesterday and I tried everything, until I stumbled on your website. thanks!

Ralph Zerbonia

The compatibility fix worked!

Martin Martin

same here ….! thanks!


Thanks mate ! (Compatibility mode + open with admin) worked

Angry Man

Teams is a nightmare with many problems caused by a badly written piece of software which requires updating for individuals instead of one update for all.
this needs re-writing, bugs fixing and then rolled out correctly. No wonder Sony is a better company than Microsoft.


Thank a lot. It worked for me.


Thanks this solved my problem, I needed to disconnect and reconnect to the VPN


Thanks a lot.
Compatibility mode for Windows 8 did it.
Almost forgotten this feature


Thanks a lot!
You just saved my life.

I have been trying to solve this problem for a few days.

The compatibility mode for Windows 8 didn’t work for me at first, but after reading all the comments, I tried again but I clicked “Apply” before “Ok” this time. And it worked 😀


thanks so much,
The Fix 2 just help me to fix it


thanks, this was an excellent resource. Compability mode fixed the issue for me and afterwards I turned off compability mode and it still works. great!




Great !!


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